Things that Will Not Change

change-same2So it’s pretty much all over the news, in between reports of protests and basketball playoffs that the Supreme Court of the United States is hearing arguments concerning whether or not “gay marriage” should be legalized.  Many on the Evangelical Right are in a tizzy over this.  My inbox has been flooded with requests to pray, write congressmen, etc.  Political pundits like Glenn Beck are saying that half the churches in America will cease to exist if gays are allowed to marry each other.  So allow me to breathe some calm common sense into this situation.

Here is a list of things that will not change if gay marriage is legalized in the United States:

  1. The Lordship of Jesus Christ
  2. The mission of the Church
  3. Jesus’ command to love one another
  4. Jesus’ command to love your neighbor as yourself
  5. Jesus’ command to love your enemies
  6. The Bible’s teachings on marriage
  7. The power of the Gospel to change lives
  8. My responsibility as a Christ-follower
  9. The need that lost and broken people have for God’s grace
  10. God’s power to save us, even from ourselves

I guess you can say that even if the laws of the land change, the laws of God will not.  I’m not saying that this isn’t an important topic, nor am I denying the historical precedent that this will set.  What I am saying is let’s keep first things first, and secondary items like this one will take care of themselves.

So let’s take a deep breath everybody and get back to what God has called us to do: to seek and save the lost and make disciples of all nations.

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