Today is Good

Innocence was murdered today.

Guilt-free hands yielded their flesh to sin imbued nails today.

Today a voice will cry out, “Father, forgive them.”

Justice was miscarried today.

All the wrongful oppression, hateful words and inhumane treatment this world has to offer was borne today.

Today we will all question, “My God, My God, why?”

Hope was crushed today.

The best of all suffered the worst fate of all today.

Today we feel the finality of “It is finished.”

But today, I received mercy.

The innocence was transferred to my account today.

The justice I deserved was meted out to another today.

And hope.  Today that bruised, crushed and bleeding hope bloomed full and vibrant in my soul.

Today is good.

Not because of what He lost, but because of what I received today.

So today, and every day, I kneel in the shadow of the cross and whisper, “Thank You for today, Jesus.  Thank you.”

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