Who is the Pondering Preacher?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dave and I am the ‘pondering preacher.’  I have spent the last nearly 15 years in some sort of local church ministry.  In that time I have learned a lot about myself (usually through mistakes) and I have seen the best and worst that the Church can offer.  But rather than abandon the Church, I see her for what she is: a group of broken, mistake-filled people who, in their very weakness, demonstrate God’s might. I will forever be humbled by the fact that God considered me worthy enough to serve His bride.

Sometimes I fancy myself a Jedi-master of theology, blazing my way with the light-saber of truth, making the universe safe for humanity by cutting down lies from Satan and false philosophies from well-meaning but mistaken teachers.  The reality is I am a country preacher who loves his congregation and is using the talents God has blessed me with the best I know how.

I am also a family man.  My wife co-labors with me in ministry as well as in raising our four beautiful daughters.  You will notice many of my musings focus on my family.  Children have a way of understanding God that we as adults struggle to retain.  Their trust and simplicity is something that adult believers would do well to mimic.  I can honestly say my wife and  children have taught me just as much about God as I have taught them.

This blog is a hodge-podge collection of my musings and observations.  It contains lessons I have learned as well as questions I still have.  Some articles may produce more questions than answers, but that’s okay because it is by asking questions that we learn.  Scattered throughout are some book reviews that I do for Thomas Nelson.  This is a service for myself as much as it is for them.  I believe God wants us to never stop learning, so reviewing books gives me an opportunity to learn as well as an opportunity to pass some knowledge on to my readers.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and I hope it helps you as you journey with God.

Grace and Peace,


Dave is a husband, father, brother and son.  He is also a minister.  When he’s not preaching you can find him enjoying a book, cheering for the Yankees or sipping a good cup of coffee.

5 thoughts on “Who is the Pondering Preacher?

  1. I am a white, male son of Virginia. Like yours my heritage goes to the birth of our Commonwealth. One of my ancestors is one the plaque in Jamestown honoring the original settlers. My ancestors served in the House of Burgesses with Thomas Jefferson, rode with him when he was almost captured by British soldiers, fought in the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, the Civil War, World War II and Vietnam. There are small towns across Virginia named for my ancestors. I am a son of the South and a liberal Democrat, I grew up in a blue collar family but had the good fortune of attending a great boarding school and Washington and Lee University.
    I have been very conflicted about the removal of memorials and statues. I understand that these statues and memorials represent a celebration of a very painful past for many of my friends. However, I do not sure what removing them accomplishes. Where do we remove them to? The Monument Avenue statues are BIG! You you can’t move Stone Mountain and destroying it would put us on a moral plane with the Taliban and ISIS. Today I read a NYT op-ed by a fellow W&L graduate about the name of our school, a WP piece on the name of the R. E. Lee Episcopal Church in Lexington and your well written post. Thank you for providing me with another perspective . I am not sure if the statues should come down but I know we should not act in haste. Charlottesville was abhorrent. I think our response should be measured. Thank you

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