What If Christians Were More Like Christ?

what if questionWhat if Christians were more like Christ?

What if we lived zestfully, gave sacrificially and loved unconditionally?

What if instead of complaining about rights lost, we loved those who wish to wrong us?  What if we practiced turning the other cheek?  What if instead of seeking legislation to protect our rights, we laid our rights down in order to show love to our neighbor?

What if we realized there is something bigger than gay marriage/abortion/politics at stake?  What if we invested in people? Dirty, broken, hurting people?  People that have been long ignored and even trampled upon by the religious elite?  What if we talked with them, ate with them, and shared life with them?

What if we saved our harshest criticism for those in our own camp?  What if we held those who claim Christ’s name to Christ’s standards?  What if we addressed our own shortcomings, prejudices, and hypocrisy?  What if we were brutally honest about our sins so that we would realize we need grace just as much as the folks next door?

What if we radically loved people?  What if we listened to them?  What if we listened not to refute, but to understand?  What if we felt their pain and sympathized with their situation, regardless if it was of their own doing or not?  What if we helped them, whether they deserve it or not? What if because we were willing to listen, commiserate, and help that doors were opened for us to speak truth and light into their life?

What if our love was so radical that when others defame us because of our message that we bless instead of defame in return?  What if we chose compliments over complaining?  Graciousness over griping?  Humility over haranguing?

What if we were so sincere and intense in our love for God and people that people were radically transformed because they came into contact with the God we serve?  What if we were so filled with the Spirit that it was undeniable there was something supernatural about us?  What if God’s transformational power was so evident in our lives that His existence became irrefutable?

What if our lives were marked by joy?  What if we were known for laughter, peace and a zeal for life?  What if lost people enjoyed being around us and were thus attracted to our message?

What if we sought wisdom every day?  What if our lives were soaked with prayer and saturated in preparedness?  What if we knew how to answer anyone who questions the hope that is within us?  What if we proclaimed the truth, even when it costs us?  What if we didn’t complain about the cost, even when it’s exorbitant?  What if we chose holiness over popularity?

What if we were bold, yet gentle?  Confident, yet humble?  Righteous, yet compassionate?

What if we erred on the side of grace?  What if we handed out mercy with truth?  What if we preached repentance, not because we are right, but because there is hope?

What if His cross was our cross?  What if we sacrificed our need to be liked/right/better/smarter on that cross?  What if we left not only the sins of the world there, but our own sins as well?  What if we wept with heartbroken joy at the horrific beauty of it?  What if we were unable to get over what God did there?

What if we lived life with the singular focus of glorifying God?  What if His fame was our chief concern?  What if we valued Him above ourselves?  What if we made His desires our dreams and His commandments our mission?

What if Christians were more like Christ?

What if I was?

What if… ?

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