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No He Can’t by Kevin McCullough

I typically steer away from getting mired down in politics.  Even now, I am not sure why I picked this book to review from booksneeze (maybe there was a limited selection, or I was momentarily entranced by the eye-catching ‘O’ logo of Obama’s).  Either way I picked it, and now the onus is on me to review it.

The Good
McCullough is a talented writer.  The information is presented in a clear and easy to read name.  Even the chapter titles are catchy.  Even a novice to American politics would be able to follow the points and reasoning of the author.  While it is clear he is no Obama fan, McCullough does raise some salient questions that get the reader thinking and reasoning.

The Bad
The book is your typical political read.  It shows the clear bias of a conservative journalist.  I am sure that are several ‘clones’ of this book out there, as well as rebuttals written by journalists who lean more to the left.  The biggest problem in all of this:  politics is not what the world needs!  I was hoping that a book coming from a ‘Christian’ publishing house would steer us away from the muck and mire of American political theater, and steer us toward the cross of Christ.  While I am not ignorant of politics, I don’t put my trust in them as a cure-all for societies ills.

Overall, A Good Read
If politics is your thing, give this book a read.  Use it as a discussion with friends.  But don’t let it create such a division that evangelism becomes impossible, whether you are evangelizing to the left or to the right.

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