Book Reviews

Max on Life by Max Lucado

Max Lucado has long been a favorite author of mine, though admittedly I read him more to ‘borrow’ illustrations for sermons and lessons than for any other reason.  When ‘Max On Life’ came out I was so excited to give it a read  I was hoping for perhaps a more intimate look at Lucado’s life and personal insights form his experiences.  Granted, there are some personal stories and illustrations throughout the book, but it left me feeling like I had just read a ‘best of…’ featuring some of his more memorable passages etc.  The book is arranged by questions, some deep, some very surface-level and Lucado responds with usually a one to three page response.  The problem is that some of the deeper questions he really seemed to just skim the surface of while other questions were answered with a re-hash of a previous writing.  Lucado often suffers from the criticism of ‘if you’ve read one Lucado book, you’ve read them all.’  Unfortunatley, this book does nothing to dispel that critique.  If you love Lucado, give it a read, but don’t be surprised if you’ve heard it all before in some other date with a book.

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