Let’s Do’d It!

Our 3 year-old is fiercely independent. Recently potty-trained and armed with a tremendous amount of self-confidence, there is nothing she cannot conquer. The phrase of the week has been “I’d do’d it myself.” It’s an interesting construct of toddler grammar, accomplishing both present and past tense, which is essential in the mind of our daughter who considers her present task already accomplished.

However, even Charley has her limitations. This morning she came into the living room with both arms through one sleeve hole and a T-shirt so tightly wrapped around her upper torso she was forced to walk with her arms straight-up in the air. The shirt was wrapped around her head, preventing her from seeing, so she bumped and banged her way into the room. Obviously frustrated and getting angry I asked her, “What happened?”

“I’d do’d it myself,” was the response.

I mused it over and asked if she wanted help. Again, “I’d do’d it myself,” was the curt reply. I watched as she spun around in circles, swaying like a palm tree in a hurricane, until, inevitably, she fell over. I restrained from laughing (no easy task) as I watched Charley lay on the ground and think over her predicament. Finally she asked, “Can you help me do’d this myself?”

I wonder how often God watches us from heaven as we “do’d” it ourselves? When we think we know better, and there are times we do, we end up so wrapped up in our situation we can’t function. Then, when we finally are humbled enough to ask for help, we ask God to help us “do’d it ourselves.” In other words, we want the credit for God’s help.

How often I’ve seen people struggle with a situation in their lives, whether it be at work, in the family, at school or dealing with relationships, and they are at the end of their rope. Then God provides a way out, and instead of giving Him the credit, they say, “Look what I accomplished and overcame, all by myself.” In other words, “I’d do’d it myself.”

Let’s try something different. Instead of being fiercely independent, let’s depend on God to work through us. Let’s give Him the credit for our talents and abilities. Let the praise go to Him. Let us rejoice in the fact that, despite our weaknesses, God still chooses to accomplish His will through us. Then we can say, “He do’d it Himself.”

“Let your light shine in such a way that men may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” -Jesus

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