A Perfectly Crazy Love

As summer winds down, I can’t help but wonder how it went by so fast! I see my kids excited for the beginning of the school year and I know, I’m more nervous than they are. This is their first year in public school. Their first year without Mom and Dad working in the same building. Their first year (gulp) alone.

My mind keeps racing with the “what ifs”. “What if they get hurt?” “What if someone picks a fight with them?” “What if their teacher hates them?” I know, I’m irrational. But what parents aren’t when it comes to the welfare of their child? I can’t think of a single parent who isn’t insanely concerned for his/her children.

You know, it was the same with God. He was just as irrational and insane when it came to His love for us. In fact, God was so concerned for our welfare, that He did the most irrational act I can fathom: He sacrificed His Son for our benefit. God didn’t play the “what if” game. He knew His Son would be rejected. He knew His Son would be ridiculed. He knew His Son would be killed, but He sent Him anyway.

When I think of that, sending my kids off to school doesn’t seem nearly as scary. I am also comforted by the fact that God can sympathize with my anxieties. He’s been there. The same can be said for you. Whatever you are fearing in life right now, God has looked it in the eye and conquered it.

Do you fear rejection? Jesus was rejected, but is now glorified.
Do you fear the doctor’s diagnosis? Jesus can heal any disease, spiritual or physical.
Do you fear being alone? Jesus is with you always.
Do you fear death? Jesus left behind an empty tomb as evidence of death’s futility.

Just give your fears to God, and He will conquer them for you because, “perfect love casts out fear.” I John 4:18.

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