My 2019 Reading List

It’s that time of year again where I list the books I read this calendar year. The list is shorter, for several reasons (an increase in documentary watching primarily. Perhaps a blog on that should be forthcoming), but there is still a lot of material here that helped me mature as a leader and learner. So for your reading pleasure, here you go:


Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
Predator’s Gold by Philip Reeves
The Institute by Stephen King


The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman
Them by Ben Sasse
The Artist’s Journey by Steven Pressfield
Naming the Elephant: Worldview as Concept by James W. Sire

Biblical Study

Be Skillful by Warren Wiersbe
Be Resolute by Warren Wiersbe
Daniel for You by David Helm
To Live is Christ; To Die is Gain by Matt Chandler
Handbook on the Pentateuch by Victor P. Hamilton
The Hard Sayings of Jesus by F.F. Bruce
The Beast that Crouches at the Door by Rabbi David Fohrman
The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Ministry/Leadership Development

Between Two Trees by Shane L. Wood (by far the most impactful book on this list. I cannot recommend it enough)
Still Evangelical edited by Mark Labberton (almost as good as the above book)
Letters to the Church by Francis Chan
The Preacher’s Catechism by Lewis Allen
Humility by Andrew Murray
Survive or Thrive by Jimmy Dodd
#Struggles by Craig Groeschel
99 Answers to Questions about Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare by B.J. Oropeza
Roaring Lambs by Bob Briner
The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard
The Millennials by Thom Rainer
Saving Truth by Abdu Murray
The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson
Disruptive Witness by Alan Noble

Well, there you go. I’m sure there’s a book or two I missed. What have you read this year that impacted you?

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