Perspective vs. Truth

By now almost everyone on the internet has seen “the dress.”  Is it white?  Is it blue?  Is it some strange sorcery that changes color?

10389234_575479332588666_6468797024732410313_nMy initial thought was that it is most definitely white and gold.  I attributed the bluish hue to poor lighting, an inferior camera and white balance issues.  The majority of my friends said the same, but there were a few deeply entrenched in the blue and black camp.

Google searches, scientific explanations (some good, some shoddy), and even interviews with the original posters of the now infamous pic seem to indicate that the dress is indeed blue and black.  This means that I must do something that I loathe,

admit that I was wrong.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons that I could give for being wrong.  I could blame the lighting.  I could blame the camera.  I could even blame the photographer.  But that doesn’t change the truth of the matter: if the dress is blue, then I was wrong.

There is a lesson to be learned in this however.  There are many questions in life that we struggle with.  Questions of existence, origins and purpose.  As a Christian, my worldview frames the answers to all of these questions.  My views of God are based on that worldview, but as we all know, not everyone shares that view.

Many choose a different faith and some claim to choose no faith at all.  The reasons vary, but nearly all of them are perspective based.  They blame sickness.  They blame death.  They blame evil.  They may even blame God Himself.  They have many reasons for arriving at their conclusions, and we as Christians should seek to understand that from their perspective their reasons for disbelief are just as valid as our reasons to believe.

BUT… neither their perspective nor mine changes the truth of the matter.  If God exists, my belief or non-belief in Him will have no impact on the truth of His existence or the nature of His character. In an increasingly post-modern culture “the dress” should teach us one thing: truth is not a matter of perspective.  This means we should take care in what and whom we place our faith.  We should carefully question our faith and see if it holds true to form in any and all circumstances.  If God is real and all-powerful then He will be strong enough to withstand some scrutiny.

But let us be careful in becoming too proud in the position we hold.  Being on the side of truth, whether discussing frocks or faith, does not give us the right to be boastful and arrogant.  Rather, we should strive to understand the perspective issues of those around us and help them see more clearly.

Now, onto bigger and better arguments (even though I still secretly hope the dress is white!)

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