I want to be synonymous with anonymous. Don’t get me wrong. I like to be complimented and recognized. But to be anonymous is to be the opposite of autonomous, where I rely on self and pride to get me through the day.

Also, anonymous doesn’t have to be pseudonymous. There are no facades to put in place and no masks to hide behind.  Anonymity allows me the proclivity to be myself without duplicity.

But there is another reason I want to strive for anonymous and that is because I want my life to be synonymous with a God who deserves all the credit and glory.  Heaven’s throne has room for only One, and that is not me.  I want my life of anonymity to reflect His magnanimity for eternity.

So if the stage-lights never find me, my prayer is to find contentment in the shadows behind the curtains.  Let pride be crucified; let God be magnified; let Christ be glorified so that through Him my life will be famous because I chose to be anonymous.

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