Homosexuality, Grace and Truth

I’m tired.

I’m tired of the whole debate over homosexuals.  Should they marry?  Should they not marry?  What about civil unions?

I’m tired of politics.  I’m tired of bills designed to ‘protect’ marriage.  I’m tired of politicians saying what is expedient rather than what is necessary.  I’m tired of the ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality that is so prevalent in our culture.  I’m tired of being told how to vote because I am a Christian and certainly anyone who loves Jesus will vote a certain way.

I’m tired of everyone who believes homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle being labeled a ‘homophobe’ or ‘bigot.’  I’m tired of Christian friends who feel that the government can endorse whatever type of ‘marriage’ they want to (because it doesn’t change God or His mandate) being labeled as ‘liberal’ or ‘heretical’.  I’m tired of friends who struggle with homosexual attraction being labeled as ‘lost’ and ‘hell-bound’ by people who don’t know them or their struggles.

I’m tired of being misunderstood.  I am sure there will be Christian friends who will read this and think I am being too soft, and there will be other friends who read this who think I am being too judgmental.  I wish there was a way to clearly communicate how much God abhors the sin of homosexuality and at the same time convey how much He loves those who are trapped in its clutches.

I’m tired of homosexuality being confused with the problem when really it’s a symptom of a much bigger problem.  Like abortion, divorce, lying, and any other sin, homosexuality is a symptom of a rebellious heart that has been deceived.  The Bible clearly says that our war is not against flesh and blood (i.e. those who commit sin) but against the rulers of this present age (i.e. the demonic forces that deceive people). We must attack the disease, not the symptoms or the ones infected.

I’m tired of churches that either speak the love without truth and leave sin unconfronted, or speak the truth without love and leave the lost without a Savior.  Only those who can balance truth with love will convey the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What I’m not tired of is Jesus.  He refreshes me.  He refuels me.  He assures me that there is hope for this broken, confusing world.  He lets me know that there is rest for the weary and grace for the redeemed.  If sin is the disease, Jesus is the cure.  Jesus alone saves.  Jesus alone heals.  No matter what this world brings, no matter what sin our man-made institutions endorse or prohibit, I know Jesus and His Word will last forever.  We would all do well to find our peace and rest in Him.

Hmmm.  All of the sudden, I’m not so tired.


5 thoughts on “Homosexuality, Grace and Truth

  1. I appreciate your comments. I would even go so far as to say that God abhors ALL sin, not just homosexuality.

    There is a mindset in our culture that says being told something is wrong equates hate. Well, as a parent of three children, I would fight to the death someone that says I don’t love my children because I told them that running out into a street is dangerous and wrong. It’s time for those who love the Lord to stop “throwing the baby out with the bath water,” and see that the love of Christ must compel us to, as much as this phrase has been overused, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

  2. And I’m tired of people conveniently taking out a few bible quotes to justify discrimination and hate. I’m tired of people teaching that homosexuality is a sin, as if it’s a choice. I’m tired of young people taking their lives because they are tired. I’m tired of people speaking for God so that they can take their privileged status to a divine level. I’m tired that “law” continues to define relationships rather than grace, love, and forgiveness, some 2000+ years after the resurrection of Christ. I’m tired that people keep pointing out there to “others” to explain away the darkness in the world rather than confront the darkness in their own heart. What I’m not tired of is God’s faithfulness. Throughout all of scripture God is faithful to call God’s people to be freed from slavery…to walk in the Light of Christ…to move towards all that is life giving….to live a congruent life…one that is transparent. It is God…who consistently shows up….who has our back…who will never give up on a single one of us….including you.

  3. Once again, I am impressed with your thinking and expression. I think my personal biggest issue is the grave distinction between religion and law and the disheartening amount of time the two seem to clash. Jesus’ followers were instructed to obey the laws as far as they did not go against God’s laws. It is nothing new for a law to permit what in God’s eyes, according to the Bible, is a sin. His followers should not even be engaged in that aspect of the law, as it merely serves to brick wall away even more who need God’s help most of all.

    Homosexuality is a sin, according to the scriptures, but apparently not a sin that commands us to hate the sinner. Love your brother, and if he sins against you, forgive him. And if he sins again, forgive him again. And if he sins 7 more times or 77 more times, you continue to forgive, just as we each and every one sin against God mostly just by being alive in these times. How can any of us ask forgiveness yet deny it to another? That forgiveness is why we need to back off and let those who would choose a different path than God make their laws. Jesus was pretty clear in that teaching of the lesson of Forgiveness, I thought.

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