Oversized and Overseas – Days 5 & 6

One of the Decorative doors in Sidi Bou Said

My last two days in Africa were a blur.  On Sunday we traveled to another shopping district in Tunis, Sidi Bou Said.  This part of town is famous for it’s decorative doors and scenic overlooks onto the Mediterranean Sea.  We shopped, haggled and ate, and then we went home to start packing souvenirs and to watch a movie.

Monday we met my sister’s language teacher and then spent the day packing up many of Angie’s belongings as she prepares to end her three year commitment and return to the states for a much needed and much deserved break from overseas work.  In the afternoon we assembled for church (yes, they do church on Mondays as Sundays are spent meeting with nationals since Sunday is the only non-work day of the week for the nationals).  Church was awesome as we got to share victories, sing praises, lift up prayers and share God’s Word with each other in a close-knit community that must closely resemble that of the first-century church.  After church we ate, and fellowshiped and enjoyed my final night in Africa.

So what did I learn while on this trip?  Well, I believe God taught me several lessons, including the following:

1.  I am really, really blessed to live where I do.

2.  My blessing does not exist to bring me comfort, but to make Jesus famous everywhere.

3.  There is a real spiritual war being waged for the souls of men, and it is so much more important than the petty debates the American church gets herself embroiled in.

4.  Authentic worship is more important than style of worship

5.  The Spirit can move just as powerful in a group of 10 people as He does in a group of 10,000

6.  Our brothers and sisters overseas are the unsung heroes of the faith

7.  Did I mention I am really, really blessed?

2 thoughts on “Oversized and Overseas – Days 5 & 6

  1. Mr. David, as Kyler referred to you today, you are the man…the really tall man that just took Tunis by surprise 🙂 Great to meet you, awesome to read your thoughts and so happy that you got to experience “life” here. Your fresh eyes and take on the Lord was super encouraging for me!

    • And thank you for your encouraging words. It was awesome to put faces with names and to meet my sister’s ‘family’ over in Africa. I guess that makes us family too! My prayers are with you, and John and the kids as y’all prepare to transition into an exciting new phase of life.

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