The Busy Life

We are a society who suffers from ADD.  We often have so many things going on at once, we have trouble focusing on any one task at a time.  For instance, in my little world I have all of the following going on right now:

  • Planning a trip to Africa in less than a month.  Excited, anxious and frantic all at once.  I’ve never been out of North America, so this is something to check off the bucket list.
  • Revival next week.  Yes, my congregation still has revivals, and yes, they are still well attended.  But there are also logistics to work out and get straight which makes for a week that throws off my routine.
  • Four girls playing softball… in four different age groups.  Yes, that is my car at the ball-field.  No, I don’t live there. Yet.
  • Out-of-state speaking engagement this Friday (yes, the weekend revival starts).  I’m honored and humbled to be asked to speak anywhere, but again, it’s something that throws off my normal routine.
  • Life in general.  Trips to the grocery store, dropping kids off at school, high gas prices, bills to be paid, meals to be cooked, family obligations, social obligations, church obligations and doing my best to be all things to all people.

Please do not think I am complaining, because I am not.  I am blessed to have a full life.  The challenge is making sure that I allow God in to permeate every part of it.  A 30 minute drive to the ball-field can turn into an opportunity to discuss theology with the 7-year-old.  Trips to the grocery store are a chance to teach the 12-year-old some Biblical stewardship principles.  A six-hour drive out of state is a chance to listen to some podcasts by some favorite preachers and nourish my soul.  Revival next week will give me a chance to catch up with a friend from a previous chapter in my life and discuss ministry with him.  And through it all I MUST carve out a time for personal prayer and devotion.  It’s the only way to maintain my sanity in the midst of busyness.

What about you?  Are you allowing God to flow into the empty spaces of your busy life?  Are you making the most of every opportunity to grow in Him?  God does not want us to avoid life, rather He wants us to experience life with Him and through Him and in Him.  But this does not happen accidentally.  You must be intentional.

Now it’s your turn.  What are some ways you experience God in the midst of busyness?

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