A Prayer for My Country

Oh Lord, how did we end up here?  As I look around I see people who are hurting, angry, scared and indifferent.  Pundits proclaim they have the answers.  ‘More education! More money! More Government! Less Government! Less taxes! Less God!’  It’s enough to make my head spin.  I hardly know where to turn, so I turn to You.  How have we gotten so far apart?  Not even the ‘Christians’ agree on what our nation needs!  Some say we need to get involved in every part of the political process.  Others say that our nation is demonic and patriotism is idolatrous.  Me?  I can’t help but love the land you have given me to be my home.  The rolling hills that You created reveal an artist’s heart.  The sound of surf-pounded beaches remind me of the waters of your unquenchable Spirit.  The buildings I have not built, and the food I have not grown and the freedoms I did not fight for remind me of Your blessings and Your provisions.

But now, as I look around, I see disasters.  Blizzards, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires and tornadoes sift us like flour.  A poor economy, unemployment rates and a failing stock market make what once seemed like a stable future look shaky.  Our leaders seek to make each other look bad instead of seeking You.  Are You trying to get our attention?  Are these the pangs of childbirth that You warned us about?  Are You about to send Your Son?  Oh I hope so!  I long for that day when all nations will dissolve and the Bride of Christ will rejoice with her Savior.  Or are these warnings of something else?  Is judgment about to befall a country that has forsaken You in so many ways?
I find myself like Isaiah, wanting to repent on behalf of his people.  Lord, I repent for the sins of my nation, for they have been my own.  I repent of self-sufficient pride that says I no longer need You.  I repent of materialism that has crowded You out of my life.  I repent of being so comfortable that I did not bother to move to help my brother.  I repent of seeking entertainment over enlightenment; of seeking pleasure over purity; of seeking my good over Your glory.  I repent of being apathetic to Your call and ignorant of Your Word.  I repent of leading people to a cause rather than to the cross.  I repent of   not recognizing Your voice as You called desperately for Your sheep.  I repent of language that seeks to tear apart instead of bring together.  I repent for being distracted when I should have been determined.  I repent of seeking freedom apart from You instead of realizing that freedom can only be found in You.  I repent with tears.
Have mercy Lord on me and my country.  Raise up a generation who will bring people to Your throne.  Nonetheless, Your will be done.
Lord, please come quickly.
In the glorious name of Jesus, the King of Kings, I pray.

One thought on “A Prayer for My Country

  1. Good post! I agree. The thing we as Christians sometimes forget, God does not save countries, he saves people. When we do what we are called to do as the Church, our country will be much better off!Thanks for sharing your heart!

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