Letter from Camp

I have had a blast serving multiple weeks of camp this summer.  If I were a kid and had to write a letter home that described some of the things I have seen, it might have looked something like this:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Camp has been fun so far and I just couldn’t wait to write home about it.  Yesterday I met a kid named Jimmy.  He was covered head-to-toe with poison ivy!  When he’s not itching and scratching, he’s at the nurse’s station getting pink stuff poured over him.  Jimmy says he’s famous, but nobody knows it yet.

I also met a kid named Austin.  I think Austin is going to be a gymnast someday because he likes to climb and flip off of the top bunks in the dorm.  Even though the dorm dad tells him not to, Austin waits until he’s not looking and dismounts with a 360 degree turn and lands perfectly on one toe!

My favorite time is pool time.  Our dorm dad does the biggest belly-flops in the world!  He makes the pool look like a tidal wave!  It’s more fun than that water-park you always take us to.  We practice baptisms in the pool all the time, although the life guard yells at us when we hold somebody under for too long!

Worship time is fun too.  I think it’s funny when the worship leader forgets the words to the song and makes them up as he goes!  Sometimes he tries to do the motions to one song while singing a different song.  Somebody should tell him that he’s got it wrong.

I miss the food at home.  We had macaroni and cheese, but the cheese was all brown on top!  Maybe mom can come and show them how to make mac and cheese like she does.  I told the cook that all she needs to do is read the side of the blue box!

My friend Owen got baptized today.  It was really neat.  Some of the adults were crying and the other ones were clapping.  I don’t understand it all, but maybe when I get home Dad will explain it to me.  Well I gotta go, the bell is ringing to go to campfire.

Love you guys,

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