A Birthday Musing

Today I turn 34. It’s time for me to make a difference.

According to tradition my lifespan has surpassed that of Jesus’ time on earth in the form of a man. I cannot help but think, “What have I really accomplished in that amount of time?” I have been reading a biography on the German martyr, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. By the time he was 34 he had earned a doctorate, began a church movement that rebelled against the Nazi-sanctioned German church, spoke at international conferences condemning the Nazi party and completed his masterful book, “The Cost of Discipleship.”

I know, it’s not fair to compare myself with the Lord of the universe (although He is the only One we ought to compare ourselves with), and Bonhoeffer’s example is an exemplary one that few can measure up to. But still, I feel the weight of Paul’s commands to ‘make the most of every opportunity’ (see Galatians 6:10 and Colossians 4:5 for a couple of examples) as I grow older. None of us know how many trips around the sun we get to take. Bonhoeffer would never live to see his 40th birthday, and yet he left an indelible mark on this world for the cause of Christ. Whether I live to be 40 or 100, I want to spend every moment pursuing Christ and His plan for me. I want to accomplish great things for His glorification. I want my life to matter.

Today I turn 34. It’s time for me to make a difference.

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