Cast of Characters by Max Lucado

Everyone loves a good story, and the best story tellers are those who can take a familiar story that’s been heard a hundred times over and tell it in such a way that it feels like it’s the first time you’ve heard it. That’s exactly what Max Lucado does in his newest release, Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God. As someone who has read most of Lucado’s books, I was familiar with most of the selections in this work, yet I found that I still could not put the book down. The array of stories ranged from the shores of Galilee to the banks of the Nile. Criminals, kings, fishermen and pharisees all told the story of how God used them, and changed them. Woven throughout the book was a great unity of theme: God can and will use anyone to accomplish His purpose.

If you have never read a book by Max Lucado, this would be an excellent start as it offers samples from a wide array of his previous writings. But even if you have read everything from the pen of this prolific author, you won’t be disappointed by this collection. A definite ‘must have’ for the bookshelf!

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