My afternoon

I am worn out.

The to-do list is much longer than the ‘done’ list.
The Sermon ain’t flowing like it does most weeks.
The phone and email haunt me as I try to contact people for various reasons.
There is work to be done at home.

I am worn out.

So what do I do? I do what I don’t feel like doing. . . . I pray. I stop and pray. The words don’t come easy at first (because my to-do list is interrupting) and my mind isn’t focused totally on God (I’m still thinking about the second point in my sermon) and my heart isn’t at peace (there are people to talk to and chores that are piling up), but I pray anyway. I begin to knock on the doors of heaven.


I wonder if He’ll hear me?


Will He reject me?


Maybe I’m wasting my time.

Have you been there? Have you knocked and knocked and felt like no one is at home? Me too. But I have found if I quit knocking and start talking, the doors open. Sure, they might be heavy and slow, but they open. So I keep talking.

“Lord there’s so much to do…”
“It can wait”
“Yeah, but the sermon…”
“It can wait”
“But what about all the people I need to talk to…”
“They can wait”
“And the stuff at home…”
“It can wait too. I can’t wait…
to talk with you.
to bless you.
to encourage you.
to hold you.
to inspire you.
I can’t wait to be with you.”

All of the sudden, I’m not so worn out.

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