Land of Egypt

Last week our VBS focused on the life of Joseph. As we studied his life I couldn’t help but notice how God was cultivating Joseph in the midst of trials and unfair treatment. From being sold into slavery by his own brothers to being cast into prison by the false accusations of a spiteful woman, God humbled, matured and grew Joseph into the man that not only Egypt would need, but that the Hebrew nation would need as well. Yet, in the midst of these trials, Joseph has no indication of how long each trial would last, nor does scripture ever state that God explained Himself to Joseph. Yet Joseph remained faithful through every hardship. Not until he is able to look back with perfect hindsight is Joseph able to say to his brothers, “What you intended for harm, God meant for good” Genesis 50:20.

What’s your Egypt? When have you faced trials and mistreatment through no fault of your own? Some of us might be inclined to question, doubt and blame God for our misfortune. I implore you however, pray for wisdom (James 1:5) and think to yourself, “What others have meant for harm, God intends to use it for good.” Be like Joseph and look for opportunities to use your God-given abilities to help others. Stay faithful, because you may be just the right person God needs in your situation.

3 thoughts on “Land of Egypt

  1. Whenever I read or study about Joseph and God's path for him, I can NOT forget a few basic facts…1. His father showed OBVIOUS favortism for Joseph. Something we're told, as parents, NOT to do (I wonder if Joseph's 'sale' taught THAT particular lesson?)and the one that REALLY bugs me…2. Joseph was a spoiled little brat that bragged about his father's favors to his brothers. Not that Joe deserved what he got, I mean, really, no one should be thrown down a well and then sold into slavery, but those thoughts pop into my head. I know that having that happen to him is sort of his 'comeuppance' and that ultimately it was all God's plan. But, when reading the stories of the Bible, I try to relate the entire thing to my life. Maybe that's wrong. I completely understand that God worked through Joe to accomplish many things, but I can't really fault his brother's the ill will they felt towards him either. Just some ramblings from a child, sibling and parent about Joe's 'early' life…

  2. I hear you, and I think those negative consequences are what humbled Joseph so he could mature into a man that God could use. Interesting fact about favoritism. Abraham showed favoritism to Isaac, bad things happened. Isaac's wife, Rebekah, showed favoritism to Jacob and again, bad things happened. Jacob showed favoritism to Joseph and bad things happened, yet the Bible makes no reference to Joseph favoring any one of his children over another. Perhaps the cycle was broken with him. Great thoughts and thanks for sharing

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