If I Could Ask God Anything by Kathryn Slattery

As a former curious kid and a father of four inquisitive daughters I elected for a change of pace and chose to review a book geared for children and Kathryn Slattery’s If I Could Ask God Anything caught my attention. The 200+ page book is divided into major sections (e.g. Questions about God, The Bible, Jesus, etc.), and in this way it reminded of a kid’s version of a survey of Christian doctrine. Questions usually averaged about a one page answer (some more, some less) and were written on about a 3rd-4th grade reading level. I found the book to be fairly thorough and informative.

Now for the negatives. I rarely expect any author to be in exact agreement with me on all things, but this book fell short in some areas. I had some doctrinal concerns, especially with the questions concerning salvation and baptism. I also felt that at times the author interjected opinion over scripture, especially in the section concerning guardian angels. Overall , I think the book is a good reference for parents to use with their children, but I would be wary of handing it to my child without me there to help explain. Besides, it’s kind of hard to beat the ultimate answer book, The Bible.

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