Spring Fever

Spring is here! I absolutely love this time of year. The sun shines, the thermometer rises, flowers bloom and from now until the end of summer you will hear the crack of the bat as baseball and softball leagues limber up for another year of competition. But as much as I love all these things, my favorite part of spring is celebrating Resurrection Sunday.

God’s planning is so precise that He chose the time of year when things that were dead in the winter come to life as the moment to raise His Son from the grave. As I look around I see withered grass turn green; dead limbs sprout leaves; colorful flowers bloom from what was in the fall a cold and dead seed. Evidences of a Risen Savior are everywhere.

If you feel dead, I invite you, turn to the Living Son of God. He will raise you up from the sleep of winter into the wakefulness of Spring!

God bless and have a Happy Easter!

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