Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell

I was first introduced to the writings of John Maxwell as a Bible College student studying for ministry. Since that time I have read nearly a dozen of his books and always look forward to reading his next work. Everyone Communicates did not disappoint. In fact, I would rank it in his top three books as far as its applicability and ease to understand.

Maxwell spends the first half of the book describing the principles of how to connect with others. As is his style, he mixes simple concepts with real life illustrations in order to demonstrate the principle in action. As he says, “it’s simple to understand, but difficult to apply.” The second half of the book is where he rolls up his sleeves and shows us how to connect through five simple practices. As you read, you can’t help but notice how he follows his own advice, even with his writing style.

I found this book to be extremely helpful. My profession requires me to connect with people as individuals, small groups and larger audiences. Every chapter ends with practical advice on how to connect on each of those levels. Some of the advice is simplistic and common sense, but often we complicate the simple and overlook the common and it was good to be reminded of those principles. A definite must read for anyone who is in leadership, or even for those looking to better connect with the people in their lives.

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