The Map by David Murrow

Perhaps the most unique book on men’s spirituality I have ever read, The Map by David Murrow is both a page turning story and a call to discipleship. Murrow begins the book with a mystery/suspense story that takes him from Wales to New York to Greece in search of a map hidden in the writings of Matthew. This ‘map’ turns out to be a pattern for living that men are called to follow in order to live closer to God and do great things for His kingdom. The second half of the book is Murrow’s explanation of his parable in light of Biblical examples and teachings. He reveals what he calls the “three journeys” of submission, strength and sacrifice that all men are called to follow. The book ends with a revisiting to the original story in order to clarify some points and call the reader to a deeper level of discipleship.

Overall a very good book with good teaching. The pattern of the three journeys is both obvious and undeniable in many areas of life. Whether or not Matthew intentionally wrote this pattern into his gospel is debatable, but that should not detract from the positive lessons this book has to offer. By reading this book, two things have happened to me: (1) I recognized what journey I am on and (2) I recognize what journeys the different men of the congregation I serve are currently walking. That by itself makes the book worth the read. The practical suggestions given by Murrow will challenge the traditional model of men’s discipleship, which needs to be challenged if we are going to save the men of this generation and raise up men for the next.

A definite must-read for anyone involved in discipling men in the church or simply looking to deepen their walk with Christ.

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