Giving God Glory in All Things

Last night I, like many a red-blooded American male, watched the BCS national championship between Texas and Alabama. I was torn between who to root for (or root against as the case may be). Texas had stolen the Big 12 championship away from my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers in a heart-breaking game, so I had no desire to see them win, but Alabama was from the SEC, a conference that has won the three previous football championships, and having friends who relentlessly remind me of how “great” the SEC is compared to all other conferences, I had no desire to see Alabama win either. So I watched with interest, not really rooting for anyone.

On Texas’ second offensive series early in the first quarter, their QB, Colt McCoy, suffered an injury that knocked him out of the game. You couldn’t help but feel bad for the kid. He’s the winningest QB in College history, yet he has spent his college career in the shadows of heisman winners Sam Braford, from arch-rival Oklahoma and Tim Tebow from Florida. Now, his senior year, his final game, his chance for the spotlight to be his, and his alone, he gets injured and sidelined.

Texas ended up losing, largely due to a freshman QB from Texas who committed 5 turnovers that turned into 21 points for Alabama. After the game McCoy was questioned by an interviewer along the lines of “What are you feeling right now, knowing this is your last game in a Texas unifrom?” Fighting back tears, and trying to maintain his composure he answered, “To God be the Glory…He has plans for my life, and I trust Him.”

We’ve all seen celebrities/athletes give thanks to God after winning something. But this was different. This was raw and real. There, in the midst of pain and defeat, a young man gives glory to God. He could’ve been sarcastic, “gee, thanks for asking THAT question!” He could have been surly, “what do YOU think it feels like you stupid reporter?!?” Instead, he gives glory to God at a time when he did not feel “happy” or “blessed”. He glorifies His Maker, unashamed and unafraid.

What about you? When the phone rings in the middle of the night, do you glorify God? When the doctor comes back with a bad diagnosis, do you worship? When the audit comes, do you praise? You should. Why? Because He is bigger than football and He is bigger than your problems. Because, others may be watching, and they might just see that God is real enough to matter in the midst of tragedy and loss. Because, He is God. That’s why.

3 thoughts on “Giving God Glory in All Things

  1. I'm not one to post to your blog. I tried once. Had a 4 or 5 paragraph post ready and typed in. Just couldn't hit 'post comment'. I feel like I'm talking to an English teacher. And when I say 'talking' I mean, just not saying anything because I know that whatever I say will be said incorrectly gramatically speaking. Or spelled wrong. I'm usually an excellant speller, but for whatever reason, when typing something out for someone to read that is more educated than I, the misspellings ABOUND!!!! As do the gramatical errors. So, just know that I read your blog and I enjoy it. I don't post comments simply because then EVERYONE that reads your blog will see exactly how uneducated I am in this area. I try. And for me? Trying is all I can do!

  2. Don't worry about the typos and grammatical errors, I make them all the time! But thank you for the compliment… It's nice to know that my thoughts are helping others out there. -Dave

  3. I hadn't heard this about the young QB, but this blog reminds me so much of a movie that I just recently watched…"Facing the Giants." If you have or have not seen it…what a great movie for an awesome movie night(kids included)! I say kids included…Kevin and I watched it with the neighbors kids. They are 7 and 10, so the little tiny ones may not be to interested. It was produced, if I am not mistaken, by the same people who produced "Fireproof." Anyways, this entry reminds us that we should be thankful for all things at all times because he does have a greater plan for us. -Jessica Currin

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