Just another week in the Kingdom

I find myself split in two this week. It is VBS week, which means I spend the better part of my afternoons prepping for VBS and my evenings are consumed with the program itself. Yet we also had a prominent member of the church pass away this week, which means I am also in the midst of funeral planning with the family. What it boils down to is on the one hand I spend my time celebrating with a bunch of kids and on the other I try to comfort a man who has lost his wife of nearly 50 years.

But isn’t that life? When I look at Jesus’ ministry I find Him constantly pulled in many different directions. While in the midst of dinner at a religious official’s home, He is interrupted by a “sinful” woman seeking acceptance. Immediately after the mountain-top expereince of the transfiguration, Jesus descends the mountain to break up an argument amongst His disciples and cast out a demon. We see Jesus entertained at parties one moment and healing the sick the next. He plays with the children while rebuking the Pharisees. He casts out demons while enduring accusations of being in the same league as Satan. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Let’s face it, Jesus lived a life the same as so many of us.

It’s into this life that His words resonate with the ring of truth as He boldly proclaims, “Seek first the Kingdom of God…” How do we survive the roller coaster of life? We live it with the Kingdom in view. Keeping His rule and dominion in mind, we can face both the victories and tragedies of the day with a proper perspective knowing that our needs will be satisfied. That’s what Kingdom living is all about… keeping focused on Jesus.

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